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What you mean by "wasn't helpful" really translates to you didn't get the answer you wanted to hear, or understand, right?

As support will have told you. Sometimes you just won't see buyer requests relevant to your niche for a number of reasons, it doesn't necessarily mean you're doing anything wrong, or right. Maybe there just isn't demand for requests in the area that you operate right now. Perhaps your account is ineligible due to recent performance. Whatever support told you, will be the correct information.

I don't get what you mean by 'enough' though. What exactly is enough in terms of the buyer requests you think you should be seeing?

Congratulations on your Level One promotion! On the back of this, this shows some credibility that you're capable of making sales and can compete on the platform. This would also be an indictor that it's maybe time to focus your attention away from the buyer request section anyway. Buyer requests are generally severely underpaid, and severely overworked. I've had a look at the niche you operate in, and it's extremely popular so I can't see any reason as to why any buyer should have difficulty finding a seller for the kind of service you offer. If you ask yourself the reason why they're posting a request in the first place if plenty of sellers do offer what they're looking for, the only conclusion is that they don't actually want to pay you what you're worth.

If you focus your time and attention on refining how your gigs are presented instead, trust me that it's a far more valuable use of your time to get buyers to come to you, the way Fiverr is intended for use. You will generate more revenue, and the buyers that do you work with will be a much better experience in general.

But that's just my advice and opinion. If you want to keep using buyer requests, of course feel free to do so. 🙂

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