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I haven't received any orders yet


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3 hours ago, shuvrojsr said:
Not much has been done,
I'm new to Fiverr so I'm just going with the buyer request. please let me know some tips for my next steps to earn.

This isn't the mentality you should have.

Okay, you're new and it might be the easier way to get your first couple of orders to establish some kind of feedback.
But, you want to be setting yourself up for long term success as a freelancer.
I didn't use buyer requests as a new seller, and wouldn't ever use them now. They're generally severely underpaid and overworked, and Fiverr is designed around the whole concept of the buyer coming to you.

If you're going to use buyer requests, use them. But I strongly advise focusing on them as your main source of income and orders on the platform, but to instead spend your time refining your gig(s) in terms of how you present them and yourself. Even if you do want to use buyer requests, the first thing a buyer will check out is your gig. So if it's not on point, you won't have success there either.

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Don't worry. Follow some tips.

1st try to make good looking gig with nice Banner or Video about service.

Write Professional Explanation about your service on the gig description.

Share your Gig links on social media every day.

Send Buyer request if you have.

Try to avoid copyright Images or Clips.


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✅✅✅ Take 15 steps for your success.✅✅✅
1. Write a good title.
2. Choose the correct category and sub-category.
3. Identify the correct metadata.
4. Recharge Gig Search Keyword and provide the correct keyword.
5. Show clear pricing .
6. Display a sorted description.
7. Give as much FAQ as possible.
8. Upload an interesting gig image.
9. Create good portfolio images.
10. Stay in a more active Fiverr.
11. Send 10 buyer requests every day.
12. Of course, write a spectacular cover letter.
13. Quickly replay the buyer's message.
14. Speak in elegant language.
15. Follow the rules of Fiverr.
As soon as possible new order. Best of luck. Thanks.
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