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Service fee for multiple order


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I've been using fiverr since 2014. I wouldn't say I use it very often, but once or twice a year, sometimes more.
The rules are constantly changing and now I can't figure it out - I need your help.

I chose 4 gigs from different sellers for $5 each. when i try to buy - the system adds service fee $2.28 to EVERY one?
I remember a year or 2 ago when I buy multiple pieces - I only paid the service fee once. 
do i understand correctly - now fiverr wants money for every gig sold? and that's why they are increasing the price by 1.5 times?

is there any way to pay the service fee once for several gigs?
it's really sad if they add 50% of their commissions to each order.

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Hello there, welcome back! Yes the payment has changed and increased.

1 hour ago, a2016509 said:

is there any way to pay the service fee once for several gigs?

If you are purchasing from different sellers, there is no other way, it will charge you separately. If it was just one seller, you could request that it be lumped into a custom order of the total amount of the 4 gigs (if it was the same seller).

Read more here: 


Why was I charged a service fee?

Service fees are added at the time of purchase where a Buyer can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover administrative fees.


The service fee is charged on every payment made. If during your order you place the main purchase, then add a GigExtra, and then you tip the seller, each payment will include a service fee charge.
As of March 2021, the service fees are 5.5% of the purchase amount. For purchases under $50, an additional $2 small order fee will be applied.
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Thanks for the reply.

50% commission - I can't agree to that. 

Although these figures are small - a service fee of about $9 for only 4 orders, but it's unpleasant.

I understand that the site needs money for development. but 50% is too much. 
When you see the price - click "buy" and the price goes up by half - it looks ugly. i'm sorry, fiverr was really fast and convenient for me. 

I could have ordered 4 orders today, but of course I won't. 


Maybe they will be interested in feedback from an old client, or maybe money is more important.

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