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Fiverr referral



Hello everyone.

I have one question regarding the fiver referral.

one year ago I've sent referral to my friend, she is level one now. She doesn't remember started working on fiverr with my link or not. 
In my "Track My referrals" status shows sent, nothing else.

what should I do to use referrals benefits in this case?

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Note: You can only track email referrals. Referrals from social networks are not tracked, but you will receive credit if users register to Fiverr using your social link.
Make sure your friends sign up using your referral link.  The referral won't work if your friend already has a Fiverr account or if they sign up without using the link. 

source: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016139438-Referral-Program

Has your friend bought anything? What Level she is doesn't matter, nor that she is a Seller. The referral program is for purchases/buyers.

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