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is there any time limit for a gig to rank again after cancelation of a order


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19 minutes ago, gerald_rozario said:

recently a order i got was cancel due to some reason but i was thinking when i will get the rank i used to have. day by day its going down i want to rank it again as soon as possible. and thanks for your time. and i hope you wont face what i am facing right now

Your ranking depends on loads of different things, your cancellation rate being one of them. 

It is counted as a percentage of your orders in the last sixty days, meaning if you complete every order you get in the next sixty days, your completion rate will be back to 100%. 

Your rank depends on many other things as well, such as the hidden feedback given after an order has been completed, reviews, response rate and time, optimization of your gig and so on. 

Gigs are also rotated on a regular basis, meaning your placement in search is not static, permanent or guaranteed in any way. 

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