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How Do I Get More Customers To Try My Gig?


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Just now, creativelogo37 said:

Try to always active 24 hours online

No, no, and NO! You cannot possibly be online for 24 hours, nor do you need to be online for buyers to hire you.

1 minute ago, creativelogo37 said:

Choose low competitors keyword

No. Fiverr is a place where YOU offer YOUR SKILLS as services. It doesn't matter what keywords are more profitable, because you should only be offering services for the skills you already possess.

3 minutes ago, creativelogo37 said:

and sent 10 buyer request per day

Oi vey. No. Buyer requests do not guarantee orders. And you shouldn't be trying to send 10 random responses anyway. Some days, maybe there are only three responses you have the skill to complete for. The buyer request section is not a magical order-creation genie.

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