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How to improve my gig?


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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will be your perfect virtual assistant for your business
In the gig description:
"flawlessly handle do this work." could be "flawlessly do this work."
Every word in the description seems to be in bold. Maybe have some that's not in bold.
You could add more gig images showing the sort of things you could do in the gig

Maybe add an FAQ. You could say what sort of data mining you do. Do you create scripts for the data scraping? How many records approx will you give in each package?

Gig: I will do fastest excel data entry and copy paste work skillfully

In the title I think "skillfully" is spelt incorrectly.
In the gig description:
"Why I Exceptional?" could be "Why I'm exceptional?"
Maybe reword "Able to Data Mining".
Similar suggestions as the previous gig.

Your FAQ says "Can you do data confidentiality? Of course" then "Can I see your work sample? Yes". How can a buyer be confident that the work sample given to a future buyer won't be a sample of work done for them? Why not show samples as gig images/video with dummy data so they can see that sorts of things you can do. Maybe instead of the work sample you would give.

Gig: I will do perfect data entry, mining, scraping and web research
In the description:
"I Expert in Data Entry, Data Mining" - maybe change to "I'm an expert in Data Entry, Data Mining".
But like the other gigs you could show some proof (eg. example images) or more info.

Saying "Why should I ?" could be changed to "Why me:".
After that it says "* Manual Work" - but you say "data scraping", "web scraping", and "data mining". Those things are normally at least partially automated.
eg. wikipedia says "While web scraping can be done manually by a software user, the term typically refers to automated processes implemented using a bot or web crawler"

If you're an expert in data mining, maybe show examples of work on that in gig images/video or somewhere. Maybe add an FAQ.

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