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what kind of issues do you face while completing an order?

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3 minutes ago, maria_farzana said:

do you find it difficult to complete with in the deadline? 

No. There are many steps you can take to ensure that you always meet the deadline.

You know yourself just how long it will take to complete a job for the service you offer. You have to manage your time accordingly and plan ahead. Don't offer a 2 day delivery if you're regularly finding it difficult to deliver in two days, offer a longer delivery time and even add on a day or two to give yourself some wiggle room. Doing a job right and delivering on time is more important than a quick delivery. Buyers are going to be more annoyed that you ask for a time extension, rather than just being transparent about how long it will actually take you. Then if you deliver well before the deadline, you're under-promising and over delivering.

I also always use the order queue to my advantage. This allows you to not take on any more orders until the current ones are complete, so you don't get overwhelmed. My order queue is full the majority of the time, so without it, I simply wouldn't be able to complete all of the work.

Communication is also key. Getting all the information from the buyer right from the beginning by making sure your requirements are detailed ensures that you're ready to start on the order straight away, without having to message the buyer and wait for a response as the delivery timer is counting down.

Being organised also helps. I make spreadsheets with what I need to get done on a day-to-day basis to ensure I'm not forgetting anything, and that I'm on track to hit all my deliveries for the week. You should also take into consideration any days off you want to take, days where you'll be busy doing other things, and factor this into planning ahead.

It can be very easy to become overwhelmed if you don't take steps to make sure that you're only taking on a workload that is manageable to you.

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