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Just now, mtbsoundstudio said:

I have been pinged for a cancellation. I am not understanding this! My rating goes down when a buyer cancels, within minutes of ordering? It was not because of some bad transaction or delivery, it was just because of a cancellation? 

I don't see the issue?

Everyone will get a cancellation from time to time, but of course cancellations will affect your metrics. If you're getting regular cancellations, it means that you aren't consistently able to deliver what you're promising, or that your Gig description and packages don't clearly explain what you offer to buyers so they order without knowing what they're getting.

If cancelations didn't have a negative impact on how your Gig performs and your profile, then everyone would just be able to sanitize their reviews and cancel any orders that they know will result in a bad review. It's a poor experience for the buyer, and not generating any revenue for Fiverr.

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2 minutes ago, rabiulr said:

However, it is better to cancel the mutual order so that the rating does not decrease and remains normal

No. It's not. 🤨

Cancelling an order will affect how your Gig performs just like a negative review. If you bothered to read my above post, you would see that.
Fiverr doesn't want to promote sellers who get cancelations.

What would actually be better, is to ensure that you can perform the order to the buyers requirements in the first place. Communication is key. Clearly explaining what you offer so buyers don't order a package that is not right for them is important. Vetting your buyers as a seller and choosing who you work with is just as important as a buyer choosing a Gig.

Again, what your doing is sanitizing your reviews, giving buyers a false impression of the quality of service that you actually offer.

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