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Hi!I'm new and i need advice.


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21 minutes ago, rifatjamann said:

Welcome to fiverr forum, stay online , send 10 buyer request daily, 

I can't even be bothered to write individual responses to all of the parrots spreading the 'stay online' trash. So here's a quote from what I said to the same thing yesterday. 🤨


Can you stop spreading misinformation that is not effective.

I'm fed up of writing this. But, staying online has zero effect on how your Gig performs. The only difference it can make is if a buyer toggles the 'show online' function when searching for a seller. In 99% of cases, they don't. Buyers don't want to buy a Gig because the seller is online. They want to buy it because it's a match for their needs, the seller is credible, they have a fantastic portfolio, their feedback is great, plus many other reasons.
Now I'm not saying to not be responsive and pro-active when you do get a message, but if you think staying online for 24 hours is going to get you any orders without addressing the actual reason why no one wants to buy your Gig, you're deluded.

Furthermore, how is anyone supposed to stay online for 24 hours? It's a ridiculous concept. You need to sleep, you need a work / life balance, you need time to actually work on the orders you get. The mentality is unhealthy and telling new sellers that they need to do this needs to stop. No long term, successful seller on the platform will ever tell you that you need to be online / active all the time.


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