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How am I Growing?


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As being a level 2 seller i have been maintaining my good repose fiverr with excellent response time and Great customer service (well i try my best) and the best part abut my gigs is that they all are “Express” gig (That can be a unique edge) , Yes this right , i offer all my Orders with in one day ! and i still get time to sit and wait for the next order some times i am that dedicated to my work 😃

The Best thing abut working as a Entrepreneur is that you always keep learning , any The more you learn the better you become , I am a Fiverr for more then 3 months now My Gigs revenue for the second month on fiverr were almost 400% the first month ! Yes you heard that right 4 x ! and now you must be thinking what happen to the 3rd (current month) ? wll it has been almost 20 days , and my gigs revinue is alreay 2x then it was the 2nd month (800% then the first month) Yes i am growing , and i am loving it! and i hope joining the top rated community soon (Possibly this month) InshALLAH 🙂

Feeling Great being a Fiverr,


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Great Job…

I had received level 1 badge within a few days of using it. Fiverr took my level 1 badge because I was having a general conversation with some over over fiverr and they accused me of going against their terms and conditions…

This really effected my sales :S

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