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Why fiverr dont allow me to create my 6th gig? I have paused and unpublished gigs.



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It's because Fiverr, at least in level 0, counts draft gigs towards the 7 gig limit, not just active ones that you'd expect based on the level help. Possibly other types too. If you want to create a new gig and if pausing enough existing ones still doesn't allow you to add a new one you might need to delete a draft one first or another type if you wanted (or try publishing the draft one then pausing it). You could check with CS what gig types count towards the limit, but I think it's at least draft+active.

It will be easier when you get to level 1. You could instead wait till you get to level 1 before adding the new gig if pausing doesn't allow you to add one and you don't want to remove any of the existing ones that may be preventing you adding one, since there's a higher limit for level 1.

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