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Lots of HIGH PR backlinks gig on Fiverr.com.but do you know they are really HIGH PR links or NOT?


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Hi, recently i have order some gig from higher level seller on fiverr.com, but its really sad to tell you all of them untrusted and fake…how? they said on their gig description they will do high PR backlinks. but after his job submit i have checked their links, but you know what? NONE OF THEM ARE PR !!!

How to check it?

1. google it "Bulk Pagerank checker"
2. now you will get some online tools to check bulk likes.
3. copy all the links and paste on them and see thats really PR or NOT?

What fiverr can do about it?
Fiverr need to make sure people are getting right service from fiverr.com otherwise day by day fiverr reputation will be lost...!! may be for this fake backlinks?
So, why not, if we can prove the seller is faking us, fiverr should remove that gigs. right?

Why i am telling this?
I dont have any service for backlinks... so i am not competitors of them. just telling all that only for you guys who will buy next fake backlinkssssssssssssssssss..................
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I just had this conversation two days ago with another buyer. He had lefta negative review on a gig I was watching and I just wanted to ask about his oppinion. The reason why I asked is, it blowes my mind that some of these sellers have sold over 1+K or even more, unlimited human traffic for 5$ or lots of backlinks and they have 100#ds of orders in Queue…

These bot traffics and spoofed backlinks and can hurt your business and accounts get hecked, ranking lost and other things, because its actually spam send to their site. Think about it, do you think, anybody can build hand made PR back links for so little money in such big portions?

Really, what can you buy today for 5$???

Look, I do backlinks as well, but look at my prices and my sales. Nobody wants to pay for a real SEO service, rather they buy junk generated automaticly from sw and pay little money. They might as well just burn there 5$ and call it a day, because that would create less problems for them.

Ranting over…sorry

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