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Royalty Free Music



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7 minutes ago, gina_riley2 said:

I have a video that I need merged and edited. If the seller were to add a royalty free music - is that allowed?

Am I good to post or share that videos on social media?

As long as the music is royalty and copyright free, you should be good!

One method I use to ensure that any music in any of my videos is copyright and royalty free, is to upload the video to YouTube but not actually go ahead and publish the video. During the upload process, before you have the option to publish the video, there will be a section that shows any 'issues' with the video. If the music in the video is detected as copyrighted, 99.9% of the time it will notify you. If you get the message that there are no issues, you can be confident that the music used is fine, and you won't run into any DMCA, copyright, or royalty issues using it on any platform, including Social Media. 🙂

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Just an FYI, even if it's royalty-free, it's still polite to credit the artist. If people like the music, they can then find the artist!

It also a precaution if the artist is popular. TheFatRat has put out a lot of royalty-free stuff, but is well-known enough that people recognize the music, and some fans can get indignant if 'their' artist isn't recognized/acknowledged.

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