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As a new seller, you can create up to 7 Gigs in the same, or across any categories that you want.

Some sellers on the forum will tell you that you must have 7 published Gigs to be able to get orders, however this is not true. Yes, having more Gigs can potentially lead to reaching a wider audience, but it doesn't matter how many people you reach if your Gig(s) are not presented properly, all offering basically the same thing, or are all extremely polarized across lots of different niches.

Before you create a new Gig, ask yourself if your current Gig(s) are as optimized as they can be. Quality is always going to be better than quantity. I have three Gigs, and have always had three Gigs, and my order queue is full the majority of the time. A great way to know it's time you should be making a new Gig offering a similar service is if you're getting messages from buyers asking if you perform a certain service. For example, as a photoshop editor, if you're getting lots of messages asking if you do background removal, it would be a good idea to create a dedicated background removal Gig. If it's within your skillset and you do offer that service, it's a fantastic indicator that there is demand for the service and you'll likely get orders if you present the Gig properly.

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