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Need unique Buyer Request Samples or Idea!!


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The title of the post is contradictory within itself. You can't have a unique buyer request sample or idea. If someone else has used it, or it's a template, it's not unique.

But, the previous two replies are pretty spot on. I avoid buyer requests like the plague for numerous reasons and won't do them, however if you want to be successful when submitting them, you need to address that buyers specific needs that they've outlined. Each buyers needs and requirements are different, so each one of your request responses also need to be different.

Lastly, you need to ensure that your Gig is spot on. The first thing a buyer will do before even responding to your message is to check out your Gigs to see what your portfolio is like, what your feedback is like, and what's contained in your Gig description. So no matter how well you're responding to a buyer request, unless your profile and Gigs show the credibility that you're capable, you're extremely unlikely to be successful. But then again, if you're performing the above steps, you should have buyers coming to you anyway, the way the platform is really intended for use without having to trawl through the buyer request section.

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