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Creating the best gig to land your first job


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  1. Make sure you have good knowledge of the category you're going into.
  2. Take your time to do your keyword research, to find the top searched keyword in your niche and write them out.
  3. Create a google doc sheet and start writing up your gig details, this will help you be more organized and not go back and forth on Fiverr.
  4. Use words like; Catchy, Unique, Exceptional etc, when creating your gig title.
  5. Don't forget to click the "Upgrade SEO" button beside your gig title after saving, use a long tail keyword from the list you made earlier in step 2.
  6. When writing your gig description, try as much as you can to use second person pronouns such as; you, yours, yourself. Makes the reader feel like you're talking directly to them.
  7. Put your researched keywords naturally into your gig description.
  8. Add a CTA (call to action) at the end of your description, example; Are you ready to discuss your project now? get in touch.
  9. Design a gig image that stands out; use vibrant colors like; yellow or bright green in the background with black bold text color to make your text readable. This helps get a visitors attention when scrolling through gigs. 
  10. Gig Video is very important, Increases your gig visibility by 40%. Make a video of you explaining your services, or just a collage for your previous work, and make sure to add a CTA at the end of the video also.
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