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An interesting observation


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I admit, it took me a few months to figure this out because I don't really pay - that - close attention to my impressions/clicks but yesterday my impressions hit an 'all-time' low (well, at least for this year). The only reasin it's odd is that I've been getting the same amount of messages as always, even as the impressions were dipping down. I've seen this happen a few times but always thought it to be a fluke - however this time the gap in impressions (from max to now) is big enough that I'd assume there would be... no messages right now what so ever!

(I don't advertise on social media nor do I stay online more than required although it's already too much I'd say...)

I did notice that my impressions are lower when I have lots of orders in queue (which is definitely the case right now, especially with moving/etc. I let a few things pile up but... things are calming down so I'm back to work fully now!) But... it doesn't seem to affect actual messages/orders. I do believe when I go to Poland for a conference next week (...it might be about video games...) I will have to pause my gigs and raise prices a little again as demand is becoming 'too much' but that's another thing!

(okay, that got a bit rambly over there.)

My point is that - in my case - impressions don't really correlate to actual orders all that much. Might be because of the niche I focus on being somewhat narrow (not that many people to choose from!) so... Yeah. Not sure if this is useful to anyone, I just felt like it was kind of interesting (but again, I don't have much time to actually think about this that much!)  But yeah, just a bit of an observation. I wonder if it's similar for others (or it's a 'small-niche' thing...)



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14 minutes ago, newsmike said:

Are a good deal of the messages you get from previous buyers, who may have you gig saved, as opposed to finding you via browsing/searching?


That's what I'd assume as well (should have specified). I've never had contact with these people and quite a few seem to be completely new to the site (not all, though). It's not a HUGE amount of messages, but there's only so many words I can write in a month (without going mad!) so it's already a lot (enough that I have to say no to things I'm not keen on writing. 


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