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Create more than one GIG of same topic.


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Suppose I have a vector tracing GIG already which is in rank. So, my question is can I create another one of that same category by changing the title, description and thumbnails? Will any of my gig removed for this? Does anyone have any IDEA about this? Let me know. Thanks.

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You can create multiple gigs in the same subcategory but I don't think you're allowed to have two gigs offering the exact same service.

The TOS says "Intentional copies of Gigs" [aren't allowed]. But I don't know whether they mean copies of another person's gig there are that making an exact copy of your own isn't allowed either.

You could check with CS but I think the service has to be different in some way to your other gig (and not just reworded title/description etc.).

eg. as far as I know you couldn't have a gig called "do great vector tracing" and another called "do amazing vector tracing",

but you could have a gig for "create modern logo" and one for "create retro logo".

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On 11/17/2021 at 8:28 AM, justibrahim said:

Hey, I don't seem to have any Create Project link. I'm a level two seller. How do I find this?


I only see what you're looking for in Top-Rated sellers only. This means, the feature is only available for top-sellers only. 

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