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How I will get to my first order on fiverr


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Hello Anowarhn, 

As a new seller the best way you can get an order on fiverr is to always send a detailed and mindblowing buyer request (also try all your might to make it 10 out of 10 possible buyer request sent per day, because only then will your probability of getting a message increase thus, order).  

Similarly always engage your gigs by running several promotion on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest. With this you can increase the number of impressions your gig gets and also receive direct orders from those promotions. 


The most easiest way to get an order on fiverr is to have gigs that are ranking so well on the fiverr gig pages,  therefore use a relevant keyword in your search tags and write a unique description for your Gig . With this and constant promotion, your gigs get to rank well, thus you will be receiving a lot of direct messages and if you have a good conversion skills then they definitely turn to an order. 

PS; As a new seller, you may definitely not have a ranking gig at first thus lay more emphasis on promotions and a converting buyer request. 



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