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From Freelance to a business webinar wrap-up


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Hey everyone!

Thank you to all who attended my webinar, I saw some familiar faces like @visualstudios and @vickiespencer some of you had questions, and I thought I would have the time to copy them and answer them here, but Chris ended the event and I couldn't do it.


So anyone who attended and had a question that went unanswered, I am here to reply!


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Thank you for attending @visualstudios! It really means a lot to me.

Oh that's cool!

Yes, the basic premise is that pricing is not the issue. But that specific segment of the audience, visits my gigs as well: it's people who want what you and I offer, but doesn't see the value in it. There's no changing that, no way to counter someone who says "I just wants a 10 second video" or "how much for a video like the one you made for Microsoft".

These prospects need a video, but they don't perceive the value I bring at all.

So it's a lost cause.

The only counter move, is to bring up budget as early as possible. Anchor to a specific price point, and if they stay in the pocket of that conversation, then it means there is wiggle room.

9/10 times, they will just stop talking to you altogether. Which I consider a win, as there is no time wasted on my end.

P.S. I think you were the one that mentioned Chris Do? If so, yes he was my mentor back when I transitioned to Pro level, I attended the Business Bootcamp and we worked on my stuff for close to 2 years. 🙂

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Hi Frank, 

I liked your suggestion about making several QAs to deal with the prospective buyers who contact me with a series of questions while they talk with other sellers and end up wasting my time. Do you have any other suggestions to deal with the 'front end' part of sales. Honestly, often I spend nearly as much time dealing with these people as I do with their orders. 

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Hey @vickiespencer and thank you for attending!

The way I see it the best thing anyone can do is practice a lot and learn how to read the buyer as quickly as possible.

Learn how to lead the conversation and make it less open-ended.

If you have any indication it’s one of those buyers, state your price early and offer alternatives to challenge their expectations.

State your price, and tell them that if it’s in line with their budget, you’d love to talk next steps with them.

But as I said on my webinar, no matter how good your responses are, it all starts with your position. If that’s just right, everything else starts working in your favor.

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