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This account is no longer active. We sent you an email explaining what happened.


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Double check your emails including your spam folder first, but then you can probably reach out to fiverr customer support by email: support@fiverr.com

Realistically though the reason for your account being disabled is likely for multiple instances of breaking the terms of service. If you think that this is not the case then you could try to appeal to Fiverr.

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I checked on this for you and on 14. August 2021., your account was placed under review by Fiverr based on the account activity. 

After completing the review, it was determined that your account has been permanently disabled for having received multiple warnings due to violations of Fiverr's policy and/or Community Standards. 

If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from the day your account was disabled, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw.

This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact customer support.

We appreciate your understanding,

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