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Fiverr search returns crappy gigs. Authentic sellers getting less views, spammers gaming it!


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I will try to keep it short. But this deserves some attention.

Here is an example of what fiverr search returns.

I used the term facebook likes to search fiverr and got this


Looks like all the gigs on top come from same group of users, all having similar titles, no descriptions in body, titles dont make any sense. Most of the gigs listed in recommended section even have 1-10 reviews. Not more tha n that, whereas there are sellers with thousands of positive feedback in this niche not getting visibility.

Definitely you cant expect much

I am getting this same result last few months. I have even contacted fiverr support and looks like they didnt do anything to improve the search options or to check the spammers.


Many quality sellers are receiving less views, making less sales, buyers are getting annoyed and scammed.

I am a sufferer personally. I joined fiverr 2.5 years ago, generated 1100+ sales, maintained 9 hour responsiveness and 96% positives in social media marketing niche. But last few months, none of my gigs received more than 3-4 views.

I have total 15 active very competitive gigs.

Please admins do something to correct your search option.

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