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Fiverr automatically cancels an order even after the seller has accepted it


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Just wanted to inform all Fiverr sellers here that they have the absolute right to cancel an order completely even after the seller has accepted it. Just a few days ago, I had completed an order for a seller and wrote a bunch of articles. When I shared the articles with him, he liked it very much. Within a few hours, he accepted my delivery. Naturally, I was hoping to get the money after 14 days. 

Lo and behold, today morning I got a message from Fiverr saying that the order has been cancelled. And obviously, just like Fiverr does, they did not want to share what the reason behind it was. 


Thanks Fiverr - all the hard-work that I put in for the buyer and went above and beyond the scope of work to help him with his work was simply put to dust by you just because you willy-nilly cancelled the order. 


Fiverr has the absolute right to play against the seller's interests every time. Every freaking time. Thanks for reminding me that you just don't give a damn about your sellers and are here just to take every penny that you can. Sad reality. 


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