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Seller sends custom offer that is alot more than the amount asked for in the advert



So i recently placed an order for a custom logo, they didnt have any in the queue and said to just send in a order in thier profile. Requirements was simple, select a logo that was basicaly different fonts and describe colors/theme you want.  around 5mins after i filled in the requirements they send a custom order and a message saying "please accept my custom offer and get a beautiful logo design", the offer was alot more than the price. I declined and asked if they would still create the logo for the price they asked for in the advert. They send another offer saying is difficult to design, not only me but also nobody does it for that price?

So why do people list for a price too low in the first place? Is this a common thing, feels like a bait and switch scam

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6 hours ago, tixile said:

Is this a common thing, feels like a bait and switch scam

In some cases it is. Some unprofessional sellers still choose that tactic. 
there are situations were buyer chose the wrong package and some things from their requirements are not included in it, however seller would have a clear explanation in that case. Just “too difficult and low price” is not a valid reason for increasing the price, especially if you are sure that your request is covered by their gig description and the package you chose. 

You can also report sellers that do that. 

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