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Should I replace/create gigs on my old Fiverr account or create new account for different niche Gigs? What happened to Fiverr account when we do not use for a long time?


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Hi, experts! I need few minutes please solve my problem.

In my university days I started Fiverr as a content writer. My this account: https://www.fiverr.com/chaudharyahm195 was running successfully. I got many orders and reviews and my overall Fiverr stats were green. But after my graduation, I have chosen SEO field as my career and couldn't continue on Fiverr because of the professional life. Now, after 4 years; I am an expert SEO Specialist and currently working as an SEO analyst in a UAE based company. I want to offer my SEO services on Fiverr. 

I am here to ask 2 questions from experts.

  1. Should I use my old account? Should I delete all the content related gigs and setup my this account as an SEO seller or close the old account and create new one?
  2. What procedure can I follow to resume my old account with new services (SEO) rather than the services (content writing) I offered in my early days?

Looking forward to hearing from experts. I really need guidance please help!
Thanks and Regards

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Read the Fiverr TOS. Using multiple accounts is strictly against the rules. But there are no restrictions as to what services you must offer so you can change the industry/category that you offer gigs in no problem. If you previously carried out content writing and now offer SEO services that is fine... There is nothing stopping you from deleting old gigs and creating new ones.

A bit confused though because you say that the account linked was running successfully but there are no gigs and no reviews for that account. Is this a new account? If so, you absolutely need to delete your old one immediately before being banned.

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