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Can i edit my gig without lost my ranking


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1_) Gig title is very important to appear in buyers search so it should be very effective & friendly & those effects to make the URL of your gigs.

2_) Clean & well organized description is very essential to attract the potential buyers. You can see others title & description to take idea but it is very hardly prohibited to copy exactly. You have to make it as your own thinking. you have to use keywords in your description & make it bold & color.

3_) Use the package option (3 Package: Standard, Premium, Pro) to earn more.

4_) Use some very attractive image in Gallery section which is made by you.

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7 hours ago, abduxsalam said:

Please give me instructions about to improve rank to minor changes 

Edits to your gig can lead to a temporary drop in ranking while the algorithm "learns" your new gig setup. At least, that's my experience. This happens very rarely (I edit my gigs often) but sometimes, I will notice a dip in sales for a couple of days. I try to make edits during the weekend, when there's less orders anyway. 

You should be editing your gig, if it makes sense, and only then. Don't make edits just to edit. Make well planned, thought-out and strategic edits to improve your gig. 

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