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Gig Multiples Not Working


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I recently hit level 2, which enables gig multiples for my buyers. However, a customer just told me they could not order multiples of my gig from the usual drop-down menus. (I assume that’s what they meant.) That’s when I realized I’ve only had 1 multiple order for my main gig since hitting the upper levels, and 0 multiple orders for gig extras.

I’ve looked around and found no option for enabling/disabling gig multiples, nor any FAQs on the issue. I’ve come to suspect people are running into issues ordering multiples on my page. There’s no way for me to check as the seller of my gig. Is there any help available?

Edit: Make that two customers. He didn’t say he had a problem, but he ordered $15 worth of gigs by checking the wrong extra, as opposed to selecting the correct extra 2 times (what he should have done). This is the second one in the same day. Is something going on with Fiverr’s gig multiples system?

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