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Seller Plus Webinar: "From freelancing to a business"


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Hey everyone!

I wanted to drop a quick reminder to all forum members that are members of the Seller Plus program:

The webinar I am hosting is this Thursday!

(Oct 14, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

So set your reminders!



I am super-excited to share some cool concepts with you, and make sure I dedicate as much time as needed for a rich Q&A session. It's all about growing your accounts and making a switch in mindset. That's all I am allowed to share for now... 😉


I am now putting finishing touches on my deck and I can share some BTS with you:



As always, I suggest you have a piece of paper and a pen with you, so you can take quick notes or write down questions.


I am looking forward to it!!



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I would be honored to see a fellow Pro seller on my webinar.

It’s true, some past webinars were really rough.

Not sure my subject matter appeals to you, I will mostly introduce concepts like Value Based Pricing, mindset issues and I will also cover stuff that appeal to sellers who have problems growing their Fiverr account.

There will be a large Q&A section at the end, so even if you already are familiar with what I will cover, you can still come for that so we can talk!

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2 hours ago, design_geniee said:

You can have a new podcast bro.This moth or next!!!What do you say?

I have a new webinar I am working on but I am not quite sure when I can host it due to my current workload.

I will announce something soon as I am still talking with Fiverr reps to schedule it.

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