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What does, exactly "engaging" mean?



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Well to be honest, I think that is subjective more than objective. So it would depend on the buyer's perspective. The most I could say is, type in a keyword related to your services or let's say a keyword you want your services to appear in. Then study the gigs with high ratings and lots of reviews there and see for yourself how they made their titles and crafted their descriptions. 

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Word choice. 


As for specifics, consider:


I will make you an ice cream Sunday
I will craft you a beautiful artesian masterpiece ice cream cake
I will serve you a picturesque banana split 
I will blanket your soft serve cone in sprinkles

The first, while perfectly serviceable and straightforward, is rather bland. The second, while better, is a bit overly verbose. The third is okay, but is also subjective, as 'picturesque' can be interpreted too broadly (art is very subjective). The fourth is descriptive, 'colorful', and states exactly what the service offers.

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