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Cancellation of order after I deliver the UI design


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I am doing graphic designing in Fiverr and most of the time User Interface designing. Actually UI is kind of an Idea. So the developer need the idea of the interface to develop the front end. 

The problem is when buyers orders for User Interface designing , and I work on them and give them the design. So some sellers cancels the order once I do the delivery.  Actually as I mentioned they need the idea of creativity. They cancel the order even there are watermarks on the JPEG image , its possible to take the idea of What I have designed for there website. One time I checked one of there website and they have really used my design but order was cancelled. 😞  It happened 3 times, but lot of buyers are very nice. 

Is there any solutions for this? 

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I understand this pain.
Mostly the dark part is, once someone see the layout, they can easily implement in their website without having the design source files from you. It's not logo or other graphic design part which can't be used without the delivered files.

You can simply update your gig description that, No refund applicable once an order placed.

But it may affect you to get orders though but will be effective.


Additionally, I can't find any gig which specifically tells that you do Website front-end UI design.

Also, the pricing is really confusing and I think this pricing is not going to attract any professional buyer.

You can read more at 


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