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How a Fiverr Gig is Helping Folks Set Back By Hurricane Sandy


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There are many kinds of giving. In a talk about giving that I “give” 🙂 I’ve identified the following.

Treasure - Giving money (This is where most people stop thinking). But there are other "T’s"

Time - Giving of your most precious resource (Those who go a step further often volunteer)

Talents - Giving of your expertise.

Testimonial - Giving by referral. Sharing your contacts and credibility to help the organization reach further than you)

Trophies - Including the charity/organization at times when you’re being recognized (like free sponsorship)

Well, I now get to add a special example to the “Talents” discussion. And that…

The T of Telepresence by being a part of an online marketplace with powerful reach that can take you further and project your message (or talents) further than you ever could on your own. A marketplace like Fiverr.com

Here’s the story.

I got an order from “Tim” (Name changed deliberately).

I am trying to raise awareness for our Volunteer first aid squad and increase donations to our annual fund drive.

Many people do not understand we are volunteers, and donations pay for uniforms, first aid supplies, building and vehicle maintenance and mandatory state skills training.

Right along side of the paid professionals we responded during the height of Sandy, as that hurricane tore through our town.

My goal is to increase public awareness and in turn raise an additional $10,000 on our annual fund drive which takes place in March by mail to all residents.

Two small local papers and a local area FM rock station serve our area and I would like to be able to target them more effectively.

Not much to work with but thank you for any ideas! :)

I went to work, and this is harder than I usually promise to work because this person also needed the publicity in a very tight time frame.

Without reproducing the entire set of reports here: Take a look at Tim's reply.

Well you got my PR juices flowing.

For a Perennial event, instead of the annual American Red Cross event, I'm going to use National EMS Week. (BTW Red Cross doesn’t donate to individual squads but nice idea for the 10K!) Will push to get media coverage for our open house during that week, and have a public pronouncement by the mayor.

The Predatory Publicity. Love the Sandy idea since the after-effects will be felt for some time to come. Like most towns our first responders did OK but we have a long way to go for the next event which we all know is coming. This gives us a perfect way to plug into the media cycle regularly and also show the efforts/costs associated with preparing for the next large event. SCORE for Anarchofigheter!

The Trojan Horse First Aid On Parade doesn’t do anything for me, but for some reason it shot an idea into my head that ties my business into my volunteer work.

As an volunteer EMT I know full well the risks to the elderly from falls. As a professional home inspector I have the skills to teach/evaluate homes for fall hazards. So, I want to combine my skills, with the First Aid Squad, and maybe some local businesses (like a real estate agency) and offer “Fall Seminars”.

Also, I may be able to work with my young high school EMS cadets and possibly offer free in home surveys to Township elderly residents. Both my business and the squad get publicity using of course your methods!

Me thinks you’ve hit a home run.


So, not only are the people who continue to help the folks impacted by Hurricane Sandy being helped by the sharing of TALENTS... More importantly, they're only getting that connection because of Telepresence. Facilitated by Fiverr.com

Thank you Fiverr for giving me a platform to be a great giver.

And Kudos to Tim as well, for being the kind of "out of the box thinker" who can take an idea given with little information provided and plus it so now it's also going to help his core business and the safety of our seniors.

Here was his public feedback:

Freakin' awesome. As a volunteer first aid squad these ideas will help our fund raising and allow us to add more valve back into the community per our mission. Thank you! - Tim
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