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How to improve my gig?


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Hello experts,

I am a new seller on Fiverr. In this gig, I had completed 6 orders and got 5-star reviews from every order. But last some days I didn't get any message from the buyer and my gig not showing in search results. My gig status is active but impressions and clicks are going down. Anyone can suggest to me how to improve my gig impression and clicks.

gig link- https://www.fiverr.com/share/Q6Gl81

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This post only for new seller, so experts please skip this post.


are you a new seller on fiverr, i hope todays post is helpfull for you. 
its help to rank on your gig in fiverr and its also very usefull.

1.Keyword research
2.Keyword consistency
3.Attractive gig image
4.Attractive titles
5.Description and tags
6.Sensible pricing
7.Delivery in minimum time
8.Staying online and active on forums
9.create 7 gig 
10.send per day10 buyer request .

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I agree with all the above but I would argue 6. Sensible pricing:

Know your worth. Customers often go with more expensive gigs rather than the cheapest because they have the idea that: higher cost = higher quality. Maybe if your trying to get your first gig, but I know some businesses will avoid this because they dont want to risk paying someone who doesnt know how to do the job, for example.

Also I think 8. active on forums, would not directly affect your gig, but showing you know what your talking about on this forums and helping people would probably increase awareness and may lead to people checking out your profile and gigs.


I'm not picking holes or anything all above are great tips I was just adding my opinion to your post creativemaker10, so thank you for the tips 🙂

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Something else I noticed, my impressions went down from 80 per day to 5 - 6 per day - I limited my orders because I had one gig I was working and wouldnt have time to do another until this was finished. I changed my mind and removed the gig limit, now it stays at 5-6 impressions per day 😞

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