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What would you change if given a chance?


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In no particular order:

Fix the BR section. Bring more staff to help monitor the forums or bring the volunteers back on-board. Enforce the Community Standards when it comes to questionable Gigs. Make bookmarks only visible to the users who bookmark a gig. FIX THE FONT. Make an alternative milestone option for smaller orders. Set up a better on-boarding process for both the main site and the forums. Fix the Help Center search engine. Update some of the Help Center articles to reflect recent changes. Better integrate the Help Center with the Ticket system.

And this is not a comprehensive list.

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1) Option to mark gigs as custom work only, thereby removing the "order now" button. People can only order if I send them a custom offer. I never want to work with a client without a conversation prior to order placement. Currently when that happens I simply contact my success manager and cancel all orders placed without contact, no questions asked. But it's an hassle.

2) Enforce revisions. If I have an order set at 0 revisions and the client wants to open a revision, he must pay the revision price. Otherwise, he can't. It's ridiculous how a seller can set a number of revisions on an order (which is a contract), and the client can just ignore it and keep requesting more.

3) Monthly retainer deals. I want to work with certain clients on an on-going basis and get paid monthly instead of per order in certain situations. However, I don't want to wait for an entire month of work to get paid, and risk cancelation, etc. There should be an option for upfront payment.

4) Sliding scale commission. It's absurd that a $5 order will pay $1 in commission to Fiverr, and a $5000 order will pay $1000. Really? Did Fiverr spend 1000 times more to get and manage the big order? No, they didn't. They are just making way more money on the seller that is able to sell for more. Not fair.

5) Eliminate buyer requests section. It's pointless.

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