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Buyer Request limits


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I am getting quite frustrated by the Buyer Request limit of 10 a day.

I do understand that there needs to be a limit as some unprofessional people might abuse the Buyer Request system.

Fiverr is getting tougher and tougher as we get more sellers.   Furthermore, my gigs seem to get more and less prominence in a way that I do not understand!

I have done nearly 900 gigs.

One strategy is to respond to more Buyer Requests.  I have responded to nearly 3000 requests.  All my responses are professional and are only to requests where I know I can do a great gig.  I have an information system set up so I can respond usefully.

The limit of 10 means that I can only respond to about 50% of possible buyers any day.  I think the limit of 10 is too low.  I think level 1 or 2 two sellers could have a higher limit.  Maybe Fiverr could also monitor the Requests and if there are too many complaints about one responder, then they can ban that responder.



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I am unwilling to invest in Fiverr while their silly punitive analytics based penalties apply.  I have been knocked back from 2 to 0 three times now - not my fault. Because of the reduction in marketing opportunities, it takes about 6 months to recover with the consequent loss of income.  But thanks anyway.  Kerry

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