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How to get my first order?


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  1. Edit your profile like as a professional seller done.
  2. Create your Gig SEO friendly.   So that buyer can search your gig easily.
  3. Upload an attractive Gig image.   You can visit professional sellers gig for idea.
  4. Wrote your Gig description clearly... So that a buyer can understand what type of service you will provide him.
  5. Start your Gig price with 5$. 
  6. Sent 10 buyer request properly, Everyday.

Most important for a new seller...  Try to active online as much as possible.

Hope if you maintain this process.. You will get order soon.




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3 hours ago, mohammad_arifur said:

Try to active online as much as possible.

This is bad, false advice. As I already noted in one of the other topics you copy-pasted this "advice", sellers do NOT have to be online to earn orders. That's not how Fiverr works. 

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Don't start your gig pricing at $5, that's bad advice.

Ask yourself these questions:
1 - What am I good at? (narrow down your field of expertise)
2 - How can I monetize my skills? (check the demand and create a gig that answers to that demand)
3 - What are the market rates and what do I want to earn? (be sure not too price too low or too high, you'll want that sweet spot: you don't want cheap but demanding buyers, but you also don't want to price yourself out of the market...be sure you can handle the workload vs. enough revenue to be profitable)
4 - How do I optimize my gig so that it highlights my skills and my best work? (add work samples, write a good description)

Check your gigs from time to time to optimize where necessary. Is it still up to date, can I add more features or extra services, should I increase my prices, etc.

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  1. Make a professional seller profile
  2. Clear Gig description
  3. Make your Gig perfect with price
  4. Add attractive and SEO friendly Gig image and video.   A video can increase your sales up to 200%
  5. Create SEO friendly Gig
  6. Everyday use 10 buyer request properly
  7. Try to be online as much as possible

I think these will help you if you do it properly

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