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Guide: Tips For Boosting Your Gigs Sales and they work


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You’re a Fiverr seller. You want more people to buy your gigs so you can work more and earn more. Of course you do, who wouldn’t? Good news is there are some very basic and free things you can do to promote your worthwhile work.

Do you have a video on your Fiverr gigs?

Videos increase sales in two ways: They entice the reader into playing the vid and thus spending more time on the gig page, plus often you can explain the gig more clearly by demonstrating what it is you do. The Fiverr gig description field is only 450 characters. Once you have the video and submit it with your gig, you can post it to the various video-sharing sites. When you do, make sure you use lots of relevant tags. Can’t make a video or don’t know how? There are sellers who will do this for you and the price (which we’re sure you can guess) is right.Offer to write guest posts. We love guest posters here and since traffic to BOF is growing steadily, you know your article will be read.

Come up with some creative gig ideas.

Each user is allowed twenty gigs and the more gigs you have, the more likely it is your gigs will be seen. What amazing, quirky, off-beat, bizarre things can you do? Strange acts involving food objects seem to sell well.

Stick with it.

If you have done all these things and more, stay the course. Sometimes it takes months to gain traction on Fiverr, but once you build up some good feedback the gigs keep coming.

That’s it for now, and if you have more ideas that I haven’t covered, leave a comment.

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