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How long time should be active in Fiverr


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Before this gets flooded with tips on a certain amount of hours.....

Let me just say, you don't have to be active on Fiverr to get orders even as a new seller. There may be some buyers who use the search filter for online sellers, and you may get orders from that but it would be odd to just face your Fiverr account the whole day just so you show as online. If ever you get a tip about using auto refresher extensions so you'll always appear online, don't use it because it's not allowed and you would be lying to your buyers anyway. Just be online when you can (don't make Fiverr your main source of income esp if you're just starting out), download the Fiverr app so that when a buyer messages you, you will be able to respond much sooner. It would be much more productive if you try focusing to make your gig look more appealing, making attractive offers in the buyer requests section and perhaps even effectively marketing your gig. 

Below are some tips:

Official Fiverr (Free) course for sellers: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller




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So, Point noted from theratypist 

  • Don't use auto refresh
  • Download fiverr app (When get time time just enter on it and refresh)
  • You can't stay online all the time, it depends on your regular activities.
  • Fiverr totally depends on algorithm and it's changing and changing
  • Take the tips from this  forum, how to make super and outstanding advertising gig.  
  • You need a good luck and passion for fiverr success
  • Don't rely on just fiverr (It won't give you instant success), You'll get success one day !!!
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