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Please help.. Need suggestion


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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design a unique podcast cover art for you
In the gig description:
It says "unlimited revisions" but none of the packages have the number of revisions field set to unlimited.

Gig: I will make quick intros and outros for your videos
Maybe use more than one search tag.

Gig: I will do fast seo of your wordpress website in 24 hours
The gig doesn't show any search tags. Adding some might help if there are none.

Gig: I will design professional social media posts and banners for you
In the gig description:
It says unlimited revisions but none of the packages have the number of revisions set to unlimited.

Maybe use more than one search tag.

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Some days ago I delivered an order of website which I made from scratch. The buyer didn't responded within 3 days and after 3 days first he said it is good. Today after 6 days he says that he wants a massive change in site and if he is not satisfied he will ask fiverr for refund and will leave a bad review. Is it possible now after 6 days? Can he be a threat to my account? What should I do now? Please someone help I am so tense.

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If he wants a massive change, thank him for his further interest in your services, AND THEN give him a price that will cover the cost of those changes, and then state that you are willing to discount that amount by X, because he still has Y revisions left.

(Unless he bought your premium package. Then you have to make the changes, as you have NOTHING in your gig that states what does and what does NOT count as a revision.) 

Also, if this Buyer is using abusive language, REPORT THEM.

Actually, report them anyway, as:

  • Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages will not be tolerated and may result in an account warning or the suspension/removal of your account.

Inappropriate Behavior & Language - Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. We allow users a medium for which messages are exchanged between individuals, a system to rate orders, and to engage on larger platforms such as our Community Forum and Social Media pages.

source: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service?source=footer (if the link doesn't work, open in an incognito window)


  • Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.

source: https://www.fiverr.com/content/payments-terms-and-conditions

If you just DON'T want to deal with this, and want to cancel, there is also this in the Payment T&C


Order Cancellations
Fiverr encourages Buyers and Sellers to resolve service disputes mutually using the Resolution Center.

Eligibility for requests to Fiverr to cancel an order will be assessed by our Customer Support team based on a number of factors, including violations of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, general misconduct, and improper usage of the Fiverr delivery system. See below for Order specific eligibility.

Delivered Orders (after the Seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)

5. Users who abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements.

6. Users who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the Seller not related to the agreed requirements.

I would assume you do not want to cancel, though,

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