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My Fiverr Gig is not ranking anymore


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This could be due to many reasons. Some of them may be - 

  • You received negative public or internal feedback.
  • You aren't hitting your metrics such as response time, order completion, on time delivery etc..
  • You've changed the metadata of the Gig recently.
  • Fiverr also just rotates Gigs regularly, this happens to all of us.

You should also remember that when a buyer searches for a Gig, the Gigs that are shown are entirely different for every buyer and user. Fiverr tries to match Gigs to individual buyers based on their order history, average spend, location, plus a number of other factors. If your Gig isn't showing for you, it doesn't necessarily mean that your Gig won't rank well for everyone else and may be on the first page of other peoples searches if it's a match for them.

In general, if you want your Gig to rank better or maintain the ranking, it's really simple. Keep delivering excellent work! The more orders you successfully complete and the more positive feedback you receive, the more Fiverr will promote your Gig to a wider audience. I know this is difficult if you're having a slow patch, but just don't get disheartened. I've had really quiet months when I've changed nothing at all, and delivered my usual standard of work and received positive feedback. Then out of nowhere, buyers are overwhelming me faster than I can reply to them again.

There is no magic trick or quick fix. Staying online for the sake of being online is ineffective. Sharing on Social Media is also ineffective unless you're converting lots and lots of traffic into orders which won't happen unless you're spending money and time on advertising campaigns and networking properly. Sending Buyer Requests are ineffective if you usually have a price point for your service of more than $5-$10, and you'll be setting yourself up for potential negative feedback as the majority of buyers there aren't nice to work with and want hundreds of dollars worth of work for five bucks, then prove difficult and want multiple revisions.
^ I've bothered to write what isn't effective as I can almost guarantee certain people here will immediately tell you to do those things I've just listed.

If you have some extra time as you're quiet in terms of orders, be productive and put it to use. Revise your Gig and ensure everything is absolutely spot on. Refresh your portfolio and add some new examples for your potential buyers, maybe get rid of some of the old and tired stuff. Even consider using other platforms for Freelancing, having all your eggs in one basket on Fiverr is never recommended as every seller will go through quiet patches and having multiple revenue streams is always better than just the one.

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7 hours ago, anisocialmarket said:

@joshnadinamazing feedback, thank you for sharing! What other freelancing platforms would you suggest, when fiverr is quiet? 

Thanks! :classic_happy:

That all depends on what your niche is and what's going to work for you. I use UpWork sometimes, not too often as it's a different style of platform where you bid on jobs posted by clients, but quite regularly you will find some attractive propositions. There's also Freelancer and People Per Hour which I sometimes use.
There are also many different skill specific platforms. Like for voice over artists and narrators there are many dedicated platforms for that kind of work, the same goes for creative writing, and so on.

The most effective for me is having my own website! This is not going to be effective for everyone as it takes a decent chunk of change to get everything started in terms of paying a professional web designer to make you an excellent site, and also has monthly upkeep costs in terms of hosting, ensuring you rank on Google, plus a few other factors. However, when you have your own site, you're not restricted by the restrictions of each platform. You can show as much as your portfolio as you want, not have to worry about breaching any terms of service, display your content to your customers exactly how you want, plus many other really flexible features. Mainly though, if you do it well and invest in your website, it beings a whole new level of credibility to you as a freelancer and a business.

I also have dedicated business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn which have the capability of attracting lots of new clients and work really well if you do have your own website to push traffic towards. Again though, this will take some time and investment as you need to have professional branding that is consistent, make time to create engaging content that will be liked and shared, network with other professionals in your niche, plus a number of other factors. What's great about Social Media though, is that you can take advantage of the paid advertisements! They're a super cheap form of promotion, and even better you can target specific demographics that are likely to be interested in your services.

Hope that helps!

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