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Here is how the analytics page has helped me


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As a long time seller on fiverr I have always depended on the analytics page.  I have had a running record of my sales each month on it.  I can see how I'm doing compared with last month, and for the entire year, and previous years.

I strive to always improve from the previous month.  I have a race with myself and push myself hard.  Some months I win, some months I lose.  But I stay highly motivated in this way.  I strategize and plan ways to improve so my monthly income goes up as much as possible.

I know it's now going to cost me $29 to see this same page I've relied on all these years and am ok with that.  Unfortunately I'm on a waiting list now to even be able to pay for it.  I'm thinking that $29 a month that I pay will be worth it to keep being able to see how my sales are doing.  But to take it away without any way to get it back isn't helping me or fiverr right now.

I'm left on my own now to figure out how my sales are doing over time and it's not going to be easy.   I hope this analytics page can come back soon. 


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