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Fiverr exploded for us!


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Over the last year, we had been looking for ways to make more money… Areas of the economy, into which we could diversify our income. We had tried a lot of different things, including Fiverr in the form of another seller account. This other account has done alright and has even made it to Level 2, but it involved a product that is a niche market and will need some creative marketing to get it to its intended audience.

Anyway, back from the slight digression… Since we work in the entertainment business and we own all of our own professional equipment, we thought it might be good plan to put it to work on Fiverr. We started with a simple lower thirds gig, which involved designing a nice graphic to illustrate an interviewee’s name at the bottom of a recorded interview. My first delivery of this gig was disheartening because I ended up doing a couple days worth of work designing the name and graphic and I ended up getting paid only $5. This was due in most part to improper and a little bit vague wording in the description of the gig. After a pep-talk from my partner and a description rewording, I decided to keep at it because even I knew that not every experience would be like this.

This lower thirds gig was, and still is, a meager seller, so I eventually started searching for what it was that buyers were really looking for on Fiverr. One of the gigs that I kept seeing was the video testimonial gig and I noticed that the top sellers in this category had made some big sales with these. I thought, “We have everything that we need to shoot really great quality testimonials” and since I have more experience behind the camera, I decided to recruit my partner as the presenter for our first testimonial gig. Almost immediately, the gig exploded! We had orders coming in left and right and not only were we raking in the scarole, but we were garnering some high praise from our customers. And let me tell you! This feels wonderful! To hear from people that think you’re greatest thing since Grandpa’s Flapjacks is very uplifting and inspiring!

I then began to think that if my partner was doing well with the testimonials, that maybe I could too. I do have more experience camera operating, but I also don’t have a problem being in front of the camera. Once we opened this new testimonial gig, buyers started scooping that up too! Then we got the idea that we could create a wide variety of gigs and essentially offer the services of a small production company, from the creation of an idea to the editing and post production. It has worked out wonderfully for us and our Fiverr business seems to be continuously expanding.

In our first month, we made enough sales to guarantee Level 2 and the subsequent money was enough to cover the cost of our rent and food for a month. And for those of you out there who know what a 2 bedroom in Los Angeles costs, you’ll understand this is quite the chunk of cash! We’re now 3 months in and we continue to grow and make more sales.

We’re very thankful for the opportunity to be able to do this and collect an income from it. It’s one the most liberating and empowering things to have a history of “At-Will Employment” jobs where you’re at the mercy of countless people above you, and then come to a place where you’re the boss… You decide on your products, your prices, your customer service approach, when you work and how you perform that work.

We look forward to to a great future with Fiverr as a major part of it!

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You know, the way I see it is either expand the services you are already provide within your business (more work) or become independent from Fiverr and charge more (less clients more revenue). Because for the type of business you have, You are selling your services way to low.

Another thing you have to consider is not getting burned by appearing in too many testimonials (specially if you don’t know what you are promoting). Your credibility and reputation would go down over time, or if something wrong happen with whatever you are endorsing, legal litigation could result from it. (T.V marketing have the same problem). Always protect yourself with a contract.

Lastly, I don’t know if you are interested, but when it comes to the acquisition of quality customers, if you do not want to pay for the service (specially to a Fiverr) learn to advertise yourself. It is easy and a highly rewarding skill all business need if they want to succeed in the long run. There is a well known guide on the subject called “a legacy in advertising” made by gleimark. I think, if I’m not mistaken, the author’s name is Claude Hopkins. It is a tiny investment compared to the benefits you are going to get.

Meanwhile take care and good luck!

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