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Seeking Guidance on Fixing Ineligible Promoted Gigs/Managing Broken Features


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Hello! I’m reaching out in hopes of some solid direciton from my fellow Sellers. Over the past few months, I’ve been pretty beat up by the inconsistent nature of Fiverr's features and am looking for guidance I’ve been unable to gain from customer service (each ticket met with generic response or open tickets that remain unsolved for months on end).

My top performing gig makes up most of my revenue as a freelancer. While I’ve known Fiverr is unreliable for a while, I recently feel that based on many broken features and vague and unhelpful customer service responses, I may need to abandon the platform all together.

Basically, it started with my “Limit Queue” feature not working. When I do receive orders, I receive them all at once at a volume that I alone can not handle. Then, something “breaks” and I no longer appear in Search. I reached out about the queue limit not working & they still have not found an answer.

Then, I tried to use the “out of office” feature, but when I came back in office, my gig does not populate in search, leaving me with zero orders for weeks on end. 

Next, I decided to Promote my Gig, hoping this would solve the problem. It did for a while, but then all of a sudden yesterday I was told “This gig is not promotable as it falls short of other gigs quality in this category.” I have 500+ reviews on the gig with a 4.9 rating. I’m at 100% response rate and on time delivery and 99% order completion rate. No terms of service violations. My response rate is 1 hour. I’ve had more than 10 five star reviews in this week alone. Why is my gig no longer eligible for promotion? Fiverr tells me that “there’s many factors to consider” and that I should take to social media to “bring more buyers to Fiverr.”

The promotion of my gig, and then “pausing” it when I’m at capacity has been my only workaround since the limit queue does not work - and now with that not working and my gig once again not ranking in search, I’m back at square one. Anyone with similar issues? I’m grateful for the work I get but cannot plan my freelance business with so many broken features and zero consistency.

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