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Fiverr Removed Funds



Hello, actually i want to know if any one knows about Fiverr Removed Funds?

Actually i have noticed my personal balance is not increasing properly whenever i done a order only get 2/3 usd from my entire work .

when i go through the earning page its showing Fiverr Removed Funds and deducts lots of USD$ I have contact customer support but i am satisfied with his answer

anyone help how to fix this issue and this issue is appear  only in this month october 2021.


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4 minutes ago, saazy911 said:

I have contact customer support but i am satisfied with his answer

You were satisfied or not? What did Customer Support say? Their answer is the official answer, the forum will only give you answers from buyers and sellers, not staff.

You should probably familiarize yourself with the taxes and laws in your country.


India Sellers Tax

In order to collect, report, and deliver accurate tax information to the relevant Indian tax authorities, Fiverr is required to collect certain data from India-based sellers - as well as from Indian buyers who purchase from Indian sellers. 

All Indian sellers and buyers will be required to report this data. Their billing information will then be updated accordingly. Sellers who fail to complete this information, within 30 days from receiving the first notification, will either have their Gigs frozen or will not be able to publish their Gigs. 

Note: Any questions you may have with regards to completing the form, and the specific options that apply to you, must be clarified with your tax advisor.

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