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publish all 7 gig as new seller.


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6 hours ago, niajjobair said:

should i publish all 7 gig as a new seller?I'm a photo retoucher.

Thank you

That depends.

Do you offer 7 different services within photo retouching?

Don't feel the need to to have 7 Gigs just because you can, and because certain people on here will tell you that you must have 7 Gigs.

Yes, the more Gigs you have, you will potentially reach more buyers. But, quality is always going to be better than quantity. I have just three Gigs and have always had three Gigs, and I'm doing more than fine. My order queue is consistently full and I don't have the need to create any more.
Before you create a new Gig, ask yourself if what you're offering differs from the Gig(s) you already have. If you're basically creating another Gig to advertise the exact same thing you already have, your time would be better spent refining the existing Gig. I also see many sellers having Gigs in loads of different categories, for services that are not related at all. People market themselves as 'professional' photo editors, then copywriters, and then also web designers; and there is no way that they genuinely have any skill and/or experience in all those drastically different niches, if any of them at all. It makes them look like they're just part of the 'hustle' culture and out to make a quick few bucks, and buyers will also notice this.

One great way to establish the need for creating a new Gig is receiving messages from buyers asking if you perform a particular related service. For example, if you get messages asking they can see you do photo retouching but also want to know if you can do background removal, this would be a great indicator that there is interest in a background removal Gig, and maybe you should create one if you're skilled in that area.

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