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Buyer don't response.


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On 10/5/2021 at 2:23 AM, ratulweb said:

What to do before sending a buyer request.
1. Read the buyer's letter carefully first. Do not rush to write a cover letter.
2. If you think you can do the job, you start writing letters.
3. You tell him, you are reading the letter carefully and answering him.
4. Describe yourself in brief.
5. How to do the job? How long will it take? - Tell him.
6. Inform the buyer of your requirements to get the job done.
6. If you have any samples that match this work, show them to him.
7. You are very interested in doing the job, he will get a very good result from you, you want to work with him in the future too, tell him this and finish writing your letter.
9.  Finally,

Best Regards
Your name

                                              If there is any mistake, please forgive




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