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Any Small Business Buyers Here?


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I am curious to know if there are any small business buyers on this forum??

If so, do you have a Reserve Fund? What I mean is do you have what I would call a "Cost of Doing Business" money ser aside for projects.

I typically set aside about 10%of my yearly budget to account for things I buy as a test project. As an example, testing out a seller that I have never worked with on 5r or any freelancing site.

If the quality is less than optimal, I consider that portion of my money to be my reserve fund. If I have some cash left over, I either carry it over (bad year) or give bonus (gratuity, etc) to my freelancers on a good year.

A good year = year where I made better than expected income from freelancing.

So, do you have a reserve fund, if so what do you do with it?

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