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Im a new seller


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29 minutes ago, rayhanmah said:

My gig impression is clicking but   not order,

If you're getting clicks but not converting those into orders, it means buyers are finding your Gig but they don't like what they see, so they aren't making a purchase.
This would mean that you need to step up with how you present your Gig.

Having a brief look through your Gigs, there are a number of things that would put me off as a buyer.

The English isn't great. Your sentences in your Gig description need to flow naturally. If buyers think they're going to have a hard time communicating with you, they won't order. This is especially important in English speaking demographics. The use of bold and highlights is also excessive and takes away from the intended effect.

Unlimited revisions is a huge red flag. If you offer them, you're setting yourself up for a terrible experience by being taken advantage of. Plus, if you're the professional you say you are, you should be delivering exactly what the buyer wants. I include one small revision. If the buyer does not communicate what they want effectively and I have to re-do the whole thing, they pay me for my time.

Things all over the place like "high quality service guaranteed", "24/7 support", "you can trust me" etc.. look unprofessional and again have the opposite intended effect. I can trust you if I can see a portfolio of your work that shows me you're capable of doing what you're doing, which I can not see. There is no credibility on your Gig. I see no examples of work you've previously done, what experience you have, and this is even more important for you as you have no reviews.

Also, your Gig images aren't the most attractive in the world. Too much is going on, and they don't feel relevant to the services you offer. You're also only using one Gig image. Use them to your advantage to show potential buyers what you're capable of.

I also don't really understand what you actually do and/or provide. I don't get the point of ordering your service. What will it achieve for me as a buyer? You need to show your buyers the benefit of using your service and create a need for them.

You're marketing yourself as a professional but I'm not seeing anything to back that up, and I'm not getting that vibe from your Gig pages.

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22 minutes ago, rayhanmah said:

My gig impression is clicking but   not order,

please help me


I have seen your profile. Although it looks goods but there need some improvements. Take tests from Fiverr on your related skills and get blue ticks. Profile strength will increase and buyers will be able to see that you have some knowledge on your listed skills. 

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23 minutes ago, marufkash said:

You should send buyer request daily and stay online with fiverr maximum time.

Unhelpful and incorrect information.

Being online for whatever you think 'maximum time' is will not benefit OP. We've been through the unhealthy obsession about this many times on the forum and established that being online is not what gets you sales. OP needs to work on how he presents his Gig, not sitting in front of his computer all day wondering where the sales are just because he's online. Do you really think that if your Gig is not up to scratch then you will simply get sales as a buyer can see you're online?

OP is also asking how to improve his Gig, not send buyer requests. The buyer request section is not the key to being successful as a freelancer on Fiverr. 99.9% of the jobs are underpaid and an awful experience. The whole point of this platform is the buyers coming to you. If you want to spend your time sending 10 buyer requests every day then you go ahead, but don't advise new sellers of poor practice. We want to be getting people off on the right foot and setting them up for success.

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