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Buyer creating multiple account and threaten me to report


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One buyer contacted me recently. we had a long discussion but he didn't give me anything like the topic of the video he wants and the script. 

He just asking for pricing from 1 week. I told him that “ I agree with all your requirements like delivery time etc” .but you have to provide me a script or at least a topic. So I can review and provide you offer accordingly.

I blocked him because I thought he is a bad buyer. 

Then the problem started he created multiple accounts and contacted me ”why I blocked him. we have a deal of this”. I told him I am not interested in working with you. he threatened me to report CS. Then I cooled things down. 

Now, what should I do? Should I accept his order or not?

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3 hours ago, ysr007 said:

Should I accept his order or not?

Obviously not. Why would you want to work with someone who blackmails and threatens you? 

block him again and that’s it. And better report him to fiverr CS. 
If you haven’t been impolite then there is nothing he can report you for. 

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