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Mandatory metadata is missing


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Hello. Reposting here since old thread was closed

Attempting to setup a Voice Over Gig and getting the error Mandatory metadata is missing

All fields have been filled in full and even display the completed checkmarks. Not shown but also completed is the Tags field. Any help is appreciated. I have a feeling that Fiverr's algorithm is not seeing completed fields properly, thus prompting the error.

Another user -posted on the closed thread with the same issue 5 days ago since this forum post- was also attempting to setup a voice over gig, and like me had all necessary fields completed. 


Mandatory Metadata Missing.png

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1 hour ago, theratypist said:

Well I don't do VOs so I won't be the best person to give you an answer here but I see that it says "select up to 2 Narration accents" and you clicked three, perhaps that is contributing to the error?

Good catch, lol I feel like a dultz! 

How silly- the answer was right there in front of me! Once I selected 2 instead of 3 narration options it allowed me to continue.

Strange that it allowed me to pick 3; every other field that had maximum limits would gray out once you selected the maximum amount of options allotted. It also showed that field as completed (with a green check mark) which lead to my confusion. Many thanks!!!

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